Certificate Course in Aesthetic Dentistry (CCAD)

Certificate Course in Aesthetic Dentistry (CCAD)

Certificate Course in Aesthetic Dentistry (CCAD)

ILAMED’s Certificate Course in Aesthetic Dentistry provides the busy General Dental Practitioner with an educational route to acquire the skills and knowledge required of a Dentist with special interest in the growing art of cosmetic dentistry.

Delivered by a team of experts, many of whom are world-leaders in this field; the course’s emphasis is placed on the clinical component with a focus on a broad spectrum of modern cosmetic treatment methods. This programme focuses on contemporary practice, teaching evidence-based principles and systems to ensure an optimal outcome for the patient and practitioner.

The unique features of this course include:

  • Opportunities to master advanced aesthetic techniques using a variety of contemporary materials during patient treatment
  • Over-the-shoulder mentoring by remarkable clinicians
  • Practical treatment planning of complex restorative cases

Curriculum: – inclusive of Theory, Live Demonstration & Hands-on will cover :

  • Introduction of aesthetic dentistry
  • Dental Composites
    Material science Indication
  • Advanced Zoom Whitening
    Material science Precautions Post operative instructions Sensitivity management
  • Composites Veneers
    Direct Putty Technique Contour Strip Technique Indirect Tooth Preparation Materials Cementation
  • Diastema Closure/Veneer Prep. will be given to each participant
  • Inlay & Onlay
    Types Preparation Luting
  • Ceramic Laminates
    Benefits and Shortcomings Clinical Tips on Tooth Preparation Different Types of Laminates Cementation Luting Media
  • Splinting of teeth, ribbond (fibre reinforced)
  • Tooth jewellery (skyce)
    Types Luting
  • Smile makeover/ smile designing
  • Bleaching Procedure
    Material Science Indication Shade Selection Home Office Pola Whitening
  • Posterior Composites
    Class 1 Class 2 Indications Contraindications
  • Armamentarium Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Laboratory Protocols
  • Guidance for Shade Selection
  • Impression Procedures
    Rubber Base Retraction Technique


Smile Makeover

“Smile” It’s the one feature that immediately tells the world how we’re doing!
With age our smile can lose its vibrancy due to discolouration, tooth loss, excessive grinding or decay leading to cavities. Yet no matter what our tooth trouble might be, there’s likely a solution for everything from a one-day bonding to whitening procedures, crowns and even gum contouring to give your patient the smile they have always dreamt of.


Hands On

  • Bleaching Tray Fabrication
  • Composite Restorations of Class 1 & Class 2 Cavities
  • Anterior Tooth Preparation For Veneer & Laminates
  • Shade Selection
  • Bleaching Procedure on Patient.
  • Splinting Technique


Live Patient Demonstration

  • Advanced zoom/pola office bleaching procedure
  • Tooth preparation- for direct and indirect veneer
  • Diastema closure/veneer prep.case will be given to each participant.
  • Composite restoration in posterior teeth

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