Cosmetology Careers: Are they worth the Hype?

Cosmetology Careers: Are they worth the Hype?

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Cosmetology as the name implies is the treatment of Skin, hair and nails. It basically correlates to Skin care, Hair styling, Make up and everything that broadens your beauty. In today’s hastily paced world where every one of us wants to look good and try to sustain and intensify the look they carry is it hair, skin or nails. Over the years there has been an accumulation in the number of individuals who are drawn to this career opportunity.

To pursue a career in the field of Cosmetology is the best niche where you can get a chance to get yourself enrolled with many good cosmetology courses providers. Is it really worth the Hype? Let’s see. There are many areas in this course let us have a look at a few:

Skincare Expert:

Looking for a career in cosmetology the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of beauty is the Face and the Skin. As we see people have to go through a very busy routine these days in their day to day lives which includes work pressure, rough weather, pollution, unhealthy diet etc which eventually leads to bad and unhealthy skin.

Being a Cosmetologist or a Skincare Expert you would be able to help such people get their confidence back and who would not want to opt-out for a safer way to get their skin dealt with?


Hair defines the whole personality of a person. A good hair day is actually a good day. Hairstylists add life to your hair and also help to conserve their quality; growth, texture and everything else to make you is your hair feel lively.

Makeup Artists

Makeup adds several stars to your face and turns a special day into a more special one. The Makeup Artists are specialized in providing you with the best skin care treatment with the help of harmless cleansers, oils, massages, steamers etc and also guides you to use the best-suited product for your skin.

Nail Technician

They provide remedies for the hands, feet and nails which include manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy and massages to the hands and feet. They also modify the look of your nails by applying synthetic nails and polishes.

Cosmetology for Medical Doctors


Cosmetology can be opted by anyone even if you are already a doctor. The courses are short-termed so the already doctors or practitioners can also learn to become an expert in an extra field and learn a few more skills along with their profession. Who would not trust what a doctor says or recommends? So, it can be really helpful for those doctors who are drawn to such opportunities despite their profession.

Different career choices after the course

Once you have completed the course you are the leader of your own life. You can work under someone, own a salon, teach, freelance, become a blogger or a vlogger or become a part of evoloving industries like TVs and Films.

Get paid for what you do and love

You can be as efficient and productive as you want to be in this career opportunity once you have comprehended everything there is no stopping then. Working with a mixture of people and learning and the feeling of accomplishment would lead you to fame. Loving your career choices would help you to assimilate into the field. The more you practice and keep yourself updated with the ongoing and continuous trends the more doors would open for you.

Cosmetology Training Institutes

As I referred above, Delhi would be a great place for the people who are seeing a career in cosmetology as the city is crowded with such academies and training institutes and students enrolling on them. Some very famous academies are providing great opportunities to such individuals under the administration of many experienced teachers and doctors.

How to become better with Advance Cosmetology Course in India?

How to become better with Advance Cosmetology Course in India?

Cosmetic medicine is the most evolving field with the bloom. With the plethora of opportunities present many doctors are still not aware of the potential within the field. If you are a doctor then you can carve your passion for medicine and desire to create into an aesthetic medicine pathway. Every year new, innovative, and minimally invasive cosmetic courses for medical doctors are coming to the forefront, that are easy to learn and can give hosts of benefits which are difficult to achieve with traditional medicine practice.


What are Cosmetology Courses for Doctors?


There are special courses for doctors, who want to keep their knowledge and skill upgraded in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. It especially focuses on the majority of non-invasive therapy areas for rejuvenation of skin of the face, neck, and body by using Botox, derma fillers or peels along with lasers and PRP, etc. Since these treatments required extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck, anyone with a degree of MBBS/BDS/BHMS/BAMS/BUHS can vouch for it. ILAMED offers the best cosmetology courses in Delhi giving numerous patient exposures, hands-on, and a lifetime support system post completion of the course to set up own venture or any other help required.


What Makes Cosmetology A Great Career for Doctors?


Making a career in cosmetic medicine is a successful and lucrative option. The doctors can take training just after completion of graduation or can work alongside their job. Senior doctors or general practitioners who are stuck at their practice can easily upgrade themselves by joining good cosmetology training institutes like ILAMED. Here are the benefits of doing advanced cosmetic courses in India.


Great Earning Potential


With the advent of selfies, cosmetic changes are no more a luxury. This ever-growing cosmetic industry makes aesthetic practitioners earn good rewards in trade-off their services. With your creative and artistic side and added advantage of medical background, you can expand your skill to earn good returns. Most of these procedures can be learned effortlessly at Cosmetology training institutes like ILAMED which offers the latest and upgraded courses to beat any odds.


Work-Life Balance


As we all know doctors live a hard life. After giving all their time and attention to patients hardly any energy is left for their friends and family. Most of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments are high fees but take less than 30 minutes to perform giving, high turnover. It left doctors to spend more time with their loved ones and live a healthy social life. As the field is rapidly growing you learn new things every day without being monotonous.


Quick and Easy Training


Most of the doctors already possess skills and knowledge required for aesthetic medicine training so they can quickly and efficiently adds up the newly learned skill to their practice without much difficulty. Aesthetic medicine training is an excellent add-on to your existing knowledge-making cosmetology a viable career choice either as an auxiliary form of income or a standalone profession. Most of the cosmetic training courses can be completed in a week or ten days making you capable enough to practice and grow.


Aesthetics Medicine Training for Doctors


ILAMED, INSTITUTE OF LASER AND AESTHETIC MEDICINE is a gold standard cosmetology training institute providing hands-on courses in cosmetology & aesthetic medicine to licensed medical and dental professionals who can perform medical treatment with an art. They not only provide comprehensive and practical training on patients but also lend a hand to your successful career.

A Cosmetology Course – What does it mean in the real World?

A Cosmetology Course – What does it mean in the real World?

Are you intrigued by the beauty and personal care?


Congratulations! You are definitely taking a big step towards success and satisfaction.




Because you are about to enter into the fastest-growing markets in World and all over the world – the beauty market and aesthetic medicine!


Fast-Paced World of Aesthetics!


As per reports, it is growing at an unexpected rate and may reach over USD 716.6 billion by 2025. United States with USD 62.46 billion and China with USD 69.4 billion – are among the prominent markets in the world. The beauty industry in World is also booming and is expected to reach USD 30 billion by 2025


The major reasons are:


A lot of people are opting for improved beauty treatments for their hair, skin, and nails. Both men and women have started paying attention to their physical appearance. They are actively looking for skin and hair treatments to look more attractive.


Rise in the demand for spas, beauty treatment centres, and hospitals providing aesthetic treatments across World. These facilities are no longer limited to metropolises and mini-metro urban centres. It is extending to the rural areas as well.


This growth is further triggered by the introduction of the latest technologies like non-invasive body contouring systems and many other aesthetic procedures. It has opened many avenues for the World aesthetic medicine industry.


The tremendous development in the beauty and aesthetic medicine market has resulted in more job opportunities for manicurists, hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists. The job market is expected to grow by 19% from 2020 to 2030. You may choose any of the options and make big in the industry. Manicurists, hairdressers, and hairstylists are all familiar terms.


Let’s dig deeper into cosmetology and how you can pursue your career as a cosmetologist.


What is cosmetology?


It involves the study and application of beauty treatment. As a segment of medical science, cosmetology is based on the physical appearance of a person and helps in enhancing the looks. It consists of different branches that deal with beauty therapy and treatments for the face, hair, skin, and overall body.


Who is a cosmetologist?


A cosmetologist is a licensed expert who performs cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails. Madam C.J. Walker, Estee Lauder, and Elizabeth Arden are among the famous cosmetologists who made beauty a way of life!


Some of the common disciplines in cosmetology are:


  • Haircare
  • Aesthetics
  • Nail treatments
  • Electrology


How to become a cosmetologist?


Cosmetology is a medical and non-medical field. It consists of a diverse range of cosmetology courses. They may range from certification, diploma, and academic degree.


Medical cosmetology involves the treatment of skin ailments with laser and other procedures. If you want to pursue your career in medical cosmetology, you have to complete your degree in Medicine and then take a specialized cosmetology course in clinical cosmetology. These courses may vary from a certification or diploma program of around 1 year.


Non-medical cosmetology, on the other hand, is all about skincare and beauty therapies. For this, you can choose a beautician course, a certificate course in cosmetology or a skin course. These courses do not require a bachelor’s degree and can be easily pursued by the candidates who have finished their senior secondary education.

6 most Affordable Ways to become a Cosmetologist

6 most Affordable Ways to become a Cosmetologist

To become a cosmetologist is a dream of thousands of doctors. It is one of the most exciting options after completion of the medical degree. Healthcare professionals can make the best use of their expertise and enhance their knowledge to expand their existing business (clinic/practice). That is why more and more doctors are enrolling every year for cosmetology /aesthetic medicine courses.


The results that come with a career in aesthetics are both challenging and rewarding. Unlike conventional medicine, where you are trying to treat a damaged health issue, aesthetics creates the chance for you to improve a patient’s image and assist them in creating the best physical version of them.  At a glance, cosmetology courses might look expensive but they are many efficient ways to reduce cosmetology course fees.


If the cost of Cosmetology Courses looks like a huge and daunting number to you, don’t worry – we have options at ILAMED Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine to help you bring down the fees.


Start With The Basics : Cosmetic Medicine is one of the most thriving fields at present. It covers a huge array of invasive and non-invasive treatment options. You can always start with joining the fundamental course for doctors including Injectable treatment options like Botox or derma fillers and later on, can add lasers, mesotherapy, and hair transplant to your regime. Institutes like ILAMED offers a wide range of options where you can choose your course based on the duration of the course, the location of the program, and how much you have to pay for it.


Keep Upgrading Yourself : Leading doctors and general practitioners who feel stuck in their practice can enhance their non-progressive, monotonous jobs and hospital into a prime cosmetology centre. After attending a range of medical courses available for d


octors you gain the ability to control your income and can gradually raise their bars into a full-time cosmetologist.

Wrap Up On-Line, Use Hybrid Mode : Delegates set eyes on cosmetology course fees not just on the tuition fees, but also cost of books ,living hood expenses ,transport cost, etc. With the advent of technology to reduce the cost of program doctors can always attend theory classes online in their hometown and can join HANDS-ON at the prime centre. ILAMED assists delegates by providing soft copies of all the study material once registration is completed.


High Earning Potential : Doctors are blessed with an ingenious mind, further to add if they have an aspiration to create it makes them one of the flourishing aesthetic medicine practitioners. As a result cosmetologist, their talent and skill are always high in demand in the aesthetic industry. Hence high earning potential of the field makes you easily pay off the loans taken to attend the courses designed especially for doctors.


Easy Payment Options : To support your strong desire to become a cosmetologist, you can get the money you need without breaking the bank deposits. Reaching your goals is easier than you may think. ILAMED offers payment in installments (EMI options) to steadily reduce your financial load.


Adjuvant to Current Profession : Considering the busy schedule of doctors and medical students, ILAMED has designed the courses to meet their needs. They can easily join these courses for doctors as an add-on to their existing practice .These courses simply transform their profile from a general practitioner to a renowned cosmetologist without digging into the existing practice, hence aiding them to easily pay off their cosmetology course fee.


ILAMED Makes It Easy to Achieve Your Goals:


If you are passionate about cosmetology or esthetics ILAMED IS THE INSTITUTE FOR YOU. They are internationally accredited and provide a world-class learning experience for doctors. Most importantly they solve your queries and assist in financial aid in every possible way. They groom their delegates for success in the domain of cosmetology and ensure that you can focus on the curriculum, not the pressure of paying cosmetology course fees. Call us today to get started.

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