Msc Plasma and Aesthetic Laser Medicine (PALM)

Hands-On Training Sessions on the
Advanced Aesthetic Procedures
Covering Skin & Hair Concerns Along with a
Certification in Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine


The post-graduate education is targeted towards alumni and graduates of all higher
education professions involved into research, development and clinical application of laser medicine, not only in aesthetic medicine. Access prerequisites are a state-approved university degree with professional qualification in human medicine.

After having finished the post-graduate education, students will have interdisciplinary in-depth knowledge and skills across the area of applied and scientific photonic medicine and due to their individual priority setting. They will have the ability to critically assess in context available methods and techniques and will also be able to investigate with scientific methods innovative questions that constantly arise in clinical medicine.

To take into account the different interests of clinical practitioners and of scientific researchers, the study course program can be individually customized. It is a frequent practice to participate alongside professional activities, or to reduce the program with emphasis on particular areas of expertise.

The full PALM program contains lectures, seminars and exercises with two focal points: on one hand a practice-related focus, where the students will implement and test acquired knowledge under clinical and practice conditions, as well as record experiences and individually prepare suitable patient-specific treatment procedures, and on the other hand a scientific focus, where the students will gain an extensive interdicliplinary overview of available methods and possibilities and acquire the ability to scientifically handle methods and there prinicples in phonenic medicine.

All teaching events are provided in a buffet-system. Students have the free choice of competing lectures, seminars and exercises at different places, with different timing, held by different schools in Germany and India, presented in German or in English due to the location of the study offer.

The teaching content of the PALM program comprises 6 thematic fields, supplied in 6 independent: Scientific Working in Photonic Medicine (module 1), Principles of Photonic Physics (module 2), Photonic Tissue Interaction (module 3), Applied Aesthetic Laser Medicine (module 4), Aesthetic Medicine as a Cross-Section Area (module 5) and Applied Plasma Medicine (module 6). Each module contains 3 independent micro-modules individually filled by the respective provider with content consistent with the thematic field.

The international faculty is integrating providers from abroad, who take over modules and micro-modules in full or partly in co-operation with and on the basis of agreements with Greifswald University Medicine. Teaching events in teaching institutions abroad will be held in English.

The study program is intended to lead to the academic M.Sc. degree that will be presented by Greifswald University Medicine after completion of the full module program, in total 60 CP. On the basis of inter-university agreements with partner institutions abroad and
in appropriate cases M.Sc. degrees can be presented by Greifswald University Medicine in shared academic sovereignty as bridging or double degree, together with the partner institution/university abroad on an equal footing.

The Greifswald University Medicine Office of Post-Graduate Education, is managing the organisational matters of the international PALM program in consultation with the administrative offices of the partner teaching institutions abroad.

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