Master Course in Liposuction and Breast Aesthetics


Master Course in Liposuction and Breast Aesthetics


post graduate diploma in medical trichology

Course Overview

This one day master course in liposuction and breast aesthetics is aimed at increasing your technical & practical know-how, expertise and excellence level at the end of the day. Thus, enabling you with the knowledge-backed-confidence through its hands-on training, along-with other course highlights to perform liposuction and breast aesthetics related surgeries and practices.

ILAMED – Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine (a unit of Global Mediversity Pvt. Ltd.) through its detail-oriented excellence seeking approach, international faculty and aesthetics industry’s experts’ (for their name list and details click faculty tab available in the menu bar) mentorship aims at enabling its students associated; with the better than the best technical know-how, practical hands on training, updated academic curriculum, so that they can begin or enhance their expertise and knowledge required for their journey as the best aestheticians available, at exposure to both Indian and global aesthetic care seeking public and help meeting their increasing demand for the same. (for further info click about us tab available in the menu bar).

The Take Away

  • Learning the principle of liposuction and liposculpture technique so that you can not only learn about surgical procedure of fat removal suction technique but also the know-how of sculpting it by shifting it in the near-by area for preferred shape and better toned muscle.
  • You will become aware about concepts, tools, tests required for initiating harvest, and when centrifuge for preparation should be done, required preparation procedure, the correct call of time for injection, its procedure and multiple techniques.
  • You will learn about need for PRP, its preparation methods, its injection method, conducting accurate consultation and use.
  • You will acquire knowledge regarding fat usage for reconstructive purposes (scars, keloids, minimal defects).
  • You will be able to handle contradictions, developing the concept of options; knowledge about preparation before surgery, after surgery care; precautions for not encountering and treating complications if required.
  • Knowledge about how to use your newly acquired knowledge of PRP (Platelet rich plasma), PPP (Platelet poor plasma), centrifugation necessary for generating new target tissues, for increasing shape and size of breasts naturally through Vampire breast lift without surgery.
  • Information about what mechanisms, tools, options are related to breast augmentation, how to prepare for pre-and-post operation, how to examine the person requesting for breast augmentation thus polishing your skills as a surgeon.
  • The hands-on training is the key highlight of this course that will make sure that you grasp all the aspects, know-how, of practically applying what you learnt throughout this course necessary for serving the community’s increasing aesthetic services demands with your best services backed by the best knowledge you gained through ILAMED.

Why ILAMED for This Course?

  • Because our Founder and Director Dr. Ajay Rana believes and promotes the policy of imparting knowledge that yields excellence reflected in your further practice and increased new knowledge span.
  • ILAMED can boast of being capable of imparting knowledge at par with its global competitors within the boundaries of your own country India (available in four cities currently Hyderabad, Gurugram, Mumbai, Delhi) as well as globally also across countries like Germany, France, USA, & Singapore.
  • ILAMED has international aesthetic industry connoisseurs on board honoring our faculty for leaving behind an aesthetical legacy of well-trained doctors with the excellence oriented approach for meeting the increasing aesthetic service demand within our country and globally as well.
  • Being founded more than a decade ago ILAMED have been a mentor to hundreds of doctors till date. Strongly promoting the ethical, practical, scientific, practice of laser and aesthetic treatments.
  • ILAMED has several research productivity driven publications added to its souvenirs.
  • Exposure to industry connoisseurs’ other than our own faculty members and other specialist institutions of this field’s guidelines, concepts, practices, plans and experience for our associated students or future peers and respected colleagues.

For further enquiry related to eligibility criteria, course duration, date, location, or any other queries interested Doctors can fill in the pop up enquiry form box available at our website.


post graduate diploma in medical trichology

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