The Indo-German Board is convening and conducting collaborative efforts to raise expertise in certain fields of oral medicine, surgery & implantology in India and Germany. The program is based at ILAMED in New Delhi. An exchange program for dental doctors from India, coming to Greifswald University in Germany for 4 to 12 weeks as Guest Scientists will take place. They will be overseeing clinical and surgical procedures. Moreover, they will complete a scientific paper, that had been started at ILAMED and will be finalised for publication.

The topics of the papers will focus particularly on areas of Implantology, Plasma Medicine, Oral Medicine & Surgery. Having completed the curriculum at Greifswald University including the writing of a manuscript for submission, the applicants of the Indo-German Board degree will be awarded with a Certificate of Indo-German Board of Oral Medicine & Surgery Exchange Programme.

Aesthetic Medicine is one of the fastest growing sub-specialty and one of the disciplines that will continue thrive with technological innovation. Not only does it promise excellent outlook in terms of advancements in diagnostic, curative modalities and treatments, choosing training in Aesthetic Medicine is intellectually and humanely rewarding and offer amazing career prospects.

The global aesthetic medicine market size is estimated to reach more than 13 Billion USD by 2021. The introduction of technically-advanced systems enabling minimally invasive procedures is identified as the most influential growth driver. Moreover, rise in disposable income has greatly boosted the demand for cosmetic procedures. Factors such as wider awareness regarding the availability of these minimally invasive procedures and their products and affordable costs are leading to a spur in demand globally.

India and China have the largest population pool aged between 30 to 65 years. Rising disposable income coupled with the presence of a very wide working population is generating demand for aesthetic procedures in these countries. Demand for aesthetic care is expected to exponentially increase in the near future.

The real benefit of practicing Aesthetic Medicine is the type of care that practitioners are offering to their patients. These procedures are elective and are performed on patients who do not suffer from life-threatening illnesses. They are usually healthy but aesthetic care will have a very significant and positive impact on their lives.

This, along with the very lucrative business it represents, are the benefits any doctor should expect by expanding his/her own practice or to get an Aesthetic Physician position in a reputed hospital or a polyclinic.

Our programs are ideal for those looking for a fresh start in a new career as well as for physicians or cosmetologists looking to expand their practices.

The Student’s observation of the cases/patients in the department is subject to availability. It is not the responsibility of ILAMED nor that of the department of Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery of the State University Hospital of Greifswald, Germany to provide day-to-day schedule. The visiting candidate has the sole responsibility to take care of his/her travel and stay arrangements, and to organise the necessary health coverage required during his/her stay.

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