Certificate Course in Basic Surgery Skills (CCBSS)



Eligibility :BDS/MDS

This course / workshop is designed for BDS graduates & MDS Post graduates of specialities other than surgical specialisation who keep a keen interest in surgical procedures and want to become adept in surgical skills.

The course intends to give comprehensive knowledge on surgical etiquettes and basic skills required to carry out surgical procedures in their own practise or when need arises.

The content of the course will throw light on operating room environment; sterilisation and asepsis with hands on experience of scrubbing methods and Draping and Gloving processes.

Display of various instruments for touch and feel to familiarise the participants with their method of use. Participants will also be able to practise incisions; flap reflection and suturing techniques on artificial skin models under guidance from mentors.

Hands on for some of the latest techniques in surgery eg: Diode LASER, Radiofrequency surgical Ablation (R.F) and Tissue Glues, to keep the participants abreast about the latest in the field.

Sessions for training and Hands-on are as follows:-

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Surgery as a speciality
  • Lay out of the Operating room; Equipments and Technical Background
  • Sterilisation; Disinfection; asepsis and antisepsis
  • Basic surgical instruments.
  • Oral Surgery as a Speciality
  • Incisions1. Design of Incisions
    2. Types of Incisions
    3. Flap reflection
    4. Retraction of Flaps
    5. Latest Trends
  • Suturing1. Suture materials
    2. Types of Suturing
    3. Surgical Knots
    4. Latest Trends
  • Wound care management; Postoperative care
  • Simple and complicated Exodontia Procedures; Transalveolar extraction concepts, tips and tricks
  • Complications in surgical procedures; Common errors to avoid.
  • Hands on experience1. How to Scrub and prepare for Surgery; Correct Draping and Gloving process – Demonstration and Practice
    2. Display of various Surgical instruments; discussions on their use
    3. Incision and suturing techniques; practice on artificial skin models.
    4. Hands on LASER and R.F use on real tissues.
    5. Tissue Glue demonstration.

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